Appointment System

Rule-Based, All-in-One

Available on: mobile applications

Great for: services, medical, real estate, consultancy


Appointments can be stressful – customers might have difficulty sourcing for one that fits their needs and time, and providers might it challenging arranging and organising their slots. RPI has thus conceptualised and developed a system that hopes to solve both these problems, no matter the industry.

Key features

Geo-location proximity matching
Scalable geo-location circles
2-in-1 QR verification
Easy scheduling
Service audit & warranty PDF generator


Providers can rely on RPI’s intelligent ruled-based system that uses travel time and job duration estimations to display the provider’s still-available time slots to clients. This way, providers are saved the hassle of doing the arranging and organisation themselves, saving time and increasing productivity.

With the ruled based system and a geo-location proximity matching component, clients can also easily discover providers in their area, their earliest available appointment slot and make their appointment without any hassle.

What’s more, with our scalable geo-location circles, customers can expand the search perimeter for a provider that best suits their needs and urgency.

During the appointment, use RPI’s in-built QR code generation and processing can be used for provider’s identity verification and secure payment. Should a follow-up be required, the provider simply has to key in details and cost and the customer would receive an email notification and payment request.

Feature Solution: iimafix

Home maintenance is already stressful enough, and iimafix is an innovative solution to the problem of endless calls to source a provider and fix an appointment.

It is a system that taps into geo-locations to quickly locate an available service provider (SP) in your area! It is fully secured with QR code verification for payment and customer-provider matching. Whatever service that you may need, just tap into the system and it’ll do the rest for you.

RPI has programmed scalable real-time geo-location circles for users to adjust proximity perimeters, depending on their urgency and needs when sourcing for SPs. We have also incorporated our tried and tested components, such as user registration and management, mailer management system, review and feedback management, and QR code generation, detection and processing, in building this innovative all-digital solution.

Our experienced team was involved in the whole process, from conceptualisation to development, ensuring maximum security and performance of the system.