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Discover our product line, designed to make STEM learning simpler and fun with Augmented Reality. We find that AR opens up exciting new ways of learning and play for young children. Each product becomes a digital content platform and delivers compelling visuals which will help learns to improve understanding and increase knowledge retention.

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Development skills

The products are also efficient learning tools that engage multiple channels of perception – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Children will enjoy different virtual experiences such as Reading, Listening, Speaking, Interacting, Gaming and Learning. Key Development Skills will be:

LSRW Skills
Self Learning
Mental Dexterity
Fine Motor Skills
Memory Retention Capacity

Our products

AR Flashcards

The RPI ARtech Flashcards is created to highlight and introduce various living things and transport on Earth. Various fruits, vegetables and transport vehicles are brought to life in realistic 3D animation through Augmented Reality for children to observe, along with their unique sounds and movements.

AR Colouring Books

The RPI ARtech Colouring Books is created to let children use their imagination to personalize their own characters which can be brought to life with the Augmented Reality app that was developed.

AR Story Books

The RPI ARtech Story Books make storytelling a magical experience where children can colour their own characters and bring them on the story telling journey by interacting with them and watch cool animations.

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