Catalogue Displays

Elegant and Multifaceted

Available on: mobile applications, websites, custom applications

Great for: retail and commerce, real estate, food and restaurant, services


Gone are the days when companies printed yearly catalogues of their products and have them mailed to subscribers’ letterboxes. Today with the advancement of technology, not only can catalogues be updated throughout the year, but there are also evolving number of ways to market products in online spaces.

Here at RPI, we are always constantly testing and developing features and designs for catalogues. Besides the classic gridded displays and search functions, our dedicated and experienced team has developed various features to optimise accessibility and for a smoother user experience.


Key features

Advanced search priority function
Smart search results display
Screen size optimisation
Powerful in-house translation feature, Lingo
Map integration features
Product categorisation system


All of our developed catalogue displays are screen size optimised, meaning that no matter the device you’re using, you can view and easily navigate the catalogue. Proudly showcase your brand and catalogue wherever and whenever.

To further support navigation, RPI has developed an advanced product search function that produces matches and results regardless of the complexity of the filters applied or key words used. With a smart search results display, the system also learns to prioritise certain results depending on the filters. All in all, our advanced search functions ensures that users find their desire products quickly and easily, thus boosting sales and productivity.

The search function is supported by a powerful product categorisation system that benefits everyone. Admin users can easily add categories, sub-categories and even sub-sub-categories which would be automatically reflected under the “add/edit product” pages. Users on the front end can then filter in detail their preferences and efficiently discover their desired products.

RPI has also added another dimension to catalogue displays by integrating map views. We are able to capture the variety and scope of your brand and present it elegantly on a map that best suits your business needs. More information and even payment gateways can also be embedded into the map. Users can then switch seamlessly between the grid and map views, according to their preferences.

Customise all these features not only with your brand colours but also by representing your clientele’s diversity. Our diverse team is able to not only input multiple languages onto the platform with our in-built translation system, but we are also able to design platforms in your business’ desired language. Languages we’ve worked with include Mandarin, French, Spanish, Bengali and many more!

Featured Solution: CDL Homes

CDL is an established leader in Singapore’s real estate industry, having transformed Singapore’s built environment and consistently received recognition and accolades for its outstanding green buildings. For over 55 years, CDL has developed over 47 000 homes and owns over 23 million square feet of gross floor area in residential, commercial and hospitality assets globally.

RPI has developed a functional and aesthetic catalogue that is scalable for CDL’s growing portfolio. The properties are showcased either in gridded or map view, both of which elegantly displays the property’s name and location. Clicking on each property card would bring the customer to the property’s personal page.

Our powerful translation feature, RPI Lingo, was also incorporated for both sets of displays. Clients can easily switch between English and Mandarin in the side bar. The translation feature is also available for properties viewed on the map.

Featured Solution: Bell Flavours and Fragrances

Bell Flavours and Fragrances is a global manufacturer of flavours, botanicals and ingredients. The Fragrance Library is an advanced search system with sophisticated category management of company’s extensive catalogue, which is accessible by both clients and staff.

RPI has developed the search mechanism with a sophisticated category management that is easy to manage and streamlines the search process. The sidebars support navigation and strategically placed search and filter functions enable users to easily discover products.

We had incorporated our tried and tested components, including banner management, data export, multi-product tagging, product categorisation, mailer management system, and user and access management systems, to ensure the platform will not only allow for easy tracking and management of users and products, but also have a layout and look that suites their branding image.