Interactive Education Resources

Resources that are accessible by all

Available on: mobile applications, custom applications

Great for: education


Education should be fun for and accessible by all and that is why our developed education resources feature interactive lessons and are multilingual.

Key features

Language toggle
Certification generator
Practice and assessment
Video and audio integration
Interactive games


Our powerful, in-built translation engine, RPI Lingo, is able to meet the language needs of a wide range of users. Furthermore, our diverse team of developers are able to build a system in your preferred language; our past works include French, Spanish, Bengali and many more.

We have also developed interactive games that allows for enhanced learning, no matter the skill level. Instructions are able in both written and audio form and prompts are available. Have users match terms, label items and swipe, drag or switch components in the games.

Lessons are also available in written or video format, depending on the users’ preference. Our video integration features ensure a smooth and enhanced user experience, thus making learning more enjoyable.

Upon module completion, users are also awarded with a certificate for their accomplishments.

Featured solution: Unity- developed mobile games

Our experienced team will be able to bring your ideas to reality with Unity, whether it be a creation of 3D or 2D games, interactive simulations or other experiences. RPI’s past work include AR e-learning systems that are interactive and customisable and games with moving 3D models, quizzes and lessons.

We are also able to accommodate different language needs, either by with translation features or multilingual functions.


Unity is the game industry’s leading engine that supports every stage of the game development lifecycle. The engine supports a variety of desktop, mobile (including iOS and Android), console and virtual reality platforms. Popular games such as Pokémon Go and Monument Valley have been developed on the Unity platform.

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Featured solution: Vimeo integration

RPI is able to integrate videos you’ve created and stored on Vimeo onto mobile applications, allowing users to access learning resources and content wherever and whenever. Our team is able to add on progress trackers, quizzes and other lesson materials, and even an automatic certification generator upon completion.

This integration is also available in a variety of languages.


Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing and services platform provider focused on delivering high-definition videos across a range of devices. They have tailored videos for education with video chaptering, closed captions, livestreams, password protections, viewing permissions and many more!

[image from Vimeo]