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M-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones, iPads and PDAs. It is the logical extension of online shopping; a way for customers to buy while on the go.

RPI m-Commerce Solutions

RPI offers a wide range of mobile based service developing a custom mobile design solution. So the internet mobile user can get an ergonomic and nomadic access to the website's information.

We can develop full customized online shopping system on mobile phone right from users ability to browse by category, search products and services, buy online, make secure payment over mobile phone via PayPal or/and credit card.

We can even repurpose your existing web e-commerce and enable it for all smart phones for m-commerce experience.

We can develop m-commerce applications for iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad and for other smart phones and tablets.

Why mobile commerce

  • Consumers across the world are embracing mobile as a key access point for their content and commerce needs.
  • Mobile is an essential platform for companies wishing to drive consumer engagement and monetise their goods, services and products.
  • By adding a mobile payment option, a small business can capitalize on customer's impulsive purchases. Rather than directing them to an online web shop and buy later on, they can instantly buy a product.
  • A traditional web site cannot merely adapt to the small screen of a mobile phone. A mobile user is not going to navigate between pages or wait for an upload. Therefore, a mobile-optimized site offers the best functionality possible.
Worldwide Singapore
  • 3 mobile devices/ terminals- 3 times more than "office".
  • Smart phones are playing a critical role in purchasing decision according to a study by Foresee.
  • 30% of visitors used their phone to view product detail, price and find location.
  • 11% of visitors made purchase using their phones (m-commerce) during 2010 holiday season. Mobile shopping in USA: rose from 396 million to 1.2 billion in 2009 by 2015.
  • 75% of Singapore respondents access to the internet through their mobile phones daily.
  • 84% have already used their phone to research or purchase goods.
  • m-commerce: 40% digital goods-15% physical goods.
  • Mobile banking: 32% of respondents check their balance and 18% pay bills on mobile*.
*MEF Global Consumer Survey 2011
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