Mobile App: mBike

Mobile app: mBike

mBike is a mobile app project developed for Velospot, a Swiss-based automatic bicycle sharing system that are employed in various cities in Europe. The project comprises of an end user mobile application, Administrative system with multi level users, web services that communicates between the bicycle kiosk, mobile app, bicycle lock and admin system. The mBike ecosystem was developed to ensure that the system is scalable and can be replicated in every city when the bicycle sharing system is employed.

RPI Group has designed and developed each module that allows the easy cross-city/company management of mBike bicycles in terms of user’s bicycle rental journey, locking and unlocking bicycle for usage and docking, communication between bicycle, kiosk and web server.

Key features

The end to end mobility solution for mBike contains many RPI developed engines and components to enable small to large scale operations of the bicycle sharing system. Some of these components include:

GPS coordinates locality for bicycles under free floating system
Customised Website Content Management System
Multiple language support and translation
System enabled bicycle lock mechanism
Multiple language support and translation
Bicycle user data analytics in each eco system (city/company)

RPI involvement & technology Support

Our dedicated team was involved in a full suite of mobile app conceptualization from brainstorming, consultancy, planning, designing and development. RPI Group has dissected the key limitations that Velospot was experiencing with its existing infrastructure and expanded and re-developed many new engines that were introduced to the app. The entire system was developed to make it scalable in each city or locality. RPI Group also maintains the Velospot system to ensure its continuity and smooth operations with continuous upgrading and modifications as Velospot continues to scale up.