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As an innovation company, RPI has developed solutions used NFC technology suitable for businesses to improve productivity & increase revenue. Over the time, we have gained experienced in the usability of NFC solution. Our team has unparalleled experience to develop tailor-made NFC applications catered to specific business needs.

We have partnered with Think & Go NFC (France), a pioneer in NFC technology and collaborating to bring their innovative NFC solutions to the Asian market. After a successful premiere launch at Mobile World Congress 2013 @ Barcelona, Spain and commercial launch in France, we are proud to introduce First Dynamic NFC-Screen, for the first time in Asia,.

NFC-Smart Poster & Product Control
NFC Smart poster to provide more interactive information to your customer. How to use information, Video about product. Know which advertisement is more effective.
Dynamic NFC-Screen
A revolutionary new media for customer engagement and digital content distribution!

Screens are everywhere, but they are passive.
Shoppers see thousands of ads each day.

How to make your message stick?
What if your audience could take away digital content, directly from a screen into their mobile phones?

One tap to a product on the screen surface, and consumers can access a website, watch a video, capture a coupon, install an app, download a song… Distributing content has never been so customer-friendly.

NFC-Audit & Control
Simplify internal reporting and management of field operations for your personnel.

With NFC, mobile controllers can check-in into locations, and reply to quality, compliance, maintenance, safety questionnaires directly on their mobile. Assist your teams by delivering just-in-time contextualized instructions for complex tasks.

Enrich reports with pictures, sounds, videos, and eliminate paperwork whilst information is stored on a real-time monitoring platform.

NFC-Audit & Control lets you track, secure and improve your operations in the long term. Customers report 35%-45% improvement in productivity.

NFC-Shopping®, for Retailers & Brands
Create a compelling cross-channel mobile experience for your customers via their NFC smartphones.

In the store, in the street, at home: activate your brand anywhere!
Deliver rich media product information, personalized promotion and shopping on-the-go, at the tap of a phone.

With personal recommendation, couponing and loyalty embedded into one app powered by T&G’s unique technology, shoppers benefit from an lightning fast experience, 100% reliable even where data connection is not always available.

NFC-Shopping® comes with behaviour tracking and analytics, and is also QR code / Barcode enabled. Enabling NFC self-scanning and mobile NFC payment becomes natural... 

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