Skills-based Job Search Function

An intelligent and efficient system

Available on: mobile application

Great for: education, consultancy


The long and tiring job application process is something that RPI aims to provide support in with this skills-based search function. It is especially useful in education apps aimed at teaching new skills to its users – link modules and skills taught with job openings to motivate users to complete their lessons, thus increasing the engagement and awareness of the education resources!

Key features

Intelligent tagging system
Filtering functions
Easy-to-use backend management
Geo-location integration

RPI has developed a simple-to-use backend management system where the admin can easily add, edit and delete job opportunities. On the front end, each module will reflect the number of job available, while each job opening lists which module(s) teach the required skills. Interested users are able to directly access the company’s job application portal in the mobile app. Our team has also incorporated a powerful filter function that allows users to search for openings by location (based on their geo-location) and pay rates.

Featured solution: Integration with interactive game resources

Build a powerful mobile application that not only allows users to learn with videos and reinforce concepts with interactive games, but also allows them to easily discover and apply for job openings that match the concepts and skills that they had just learnt. Our team is able to integrate Vimeo-based videos, build Unity platform games, translate or build multilingual platforms and much more!

Create modules that have video lessons for on-the-go lessons and games to reinforce concepts. Each module can then be linked to and lists job openings and availability. Input progress trackers as well to encourage learning and working towards the goal of being able to apply for a job.

Ultimately, RPI aims to provide the best e-learning resources that can support users at each step of the way.

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