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At RPI Group, we are an established Singapore technology development company that specialises in web development, mobile app development, custom technology solutions and Augmented Reality solutions. Since 2000, we have lent our technology expertise to businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe who are looking for a creative solution to their development needs.

We strongly believe in providing practical, cost effective technology solutions for our clients’ needs. Some key industries that we have been involved in are:

Logistics & Transport
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Our team of 150 experts have designed and developed various technology solutions on different platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP custom coding, Magento. Beyond that, our custom developed solutions were designed to help businesses, start-ups in various ways such as improving business efficiency, lead generation, report auditing, locality matching. These custom solutions help to make projects more cost-effective, time efficient as earlier R&D time have been spent to ensure that the solutions are functional and effective.

We value our work quality

To produce high quality work, we believe in being invested in the planning process and taking care of the finer details. RPI Group provides a full suite of project development work which includes consultancy, business analysis, project planning, UX/UI design and software development. Our project methodology ensures that every step in the process is taken care of so that our desired outcome will be achieved.

Our many years of experience is the main reason for success

Expert Team

Expert Team

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Completed projects

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