Benefits of using Augmented Reality in Education

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We live in such time when there is almost nothing a teacher can do to impress or involve students into studying activities. We’ve already seen everything… And kids are hyperactive more than ever. Nowadays society requires more. And here is where the age of digital technologies allows us to renovate the educational process and make it an entertaining and unforgettable journey. The other day I was talking to a friend about the power of edutech. Since she is a teacher, I told her about the power of virtual reality and augmented reality. In response, I decided to pen an article that discusses benefits of using AR in the classroom.

Changing the way students interact with their world

The most obvious benefit of augmented reality in education is that it changes the way that students interact with their world and in turn; the way they learn with their subject content. Deeper Learning With QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom by Monica Burns is an excellent book that provides educators with examples of how to use AR efficiently. The overall aim of AR is in the name itself, it wants to “augment” reality and in doing so, teach students more about what they see and how to see it.

Printed AR Enabled Worksheets

Printing AR-enabled worksheets allows students the chance to engage with AR at home. This can make homework more engaging, and students can explore the AR opportunities as well as the content in their own time; an aspect that is important if students are to foster a positive relationship with education and technology.

Premade resources are readily available

Carlon books have published a number of books that are already integrated with AR technology. Students simply need a smartphone, and they can bring the pages of textbooks to life. For educations, premade resources, such as these, take away the stress of being involved with the technological aspect of lesson planning, while still giving students a novel way to engage with content. RPI ARtech have also developed numerous projects with AR possibilities including Story Books, Colouring Books, Flash Cards, Science, English and Early Maths for preschool and primary students.

Making Education more informative and engaging

Augmented reality can make class trips more information. Many museums have added AR features to their exhibits for more interactive information. Students can now get additional information through their screens and customised experiences. RPI ARtech is involved in the creation of these AR experiences.

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