Catalogue Displays

About this Solution

Available on: Mobile Application, Website, Custom Application

Great for: Retail and Commerce, Real Estate, Food and Restaurant, Service


Gone are the days when companies printed yearly catalogues of their products and have them mailed to subscribers’ letterboxes. Today with the advancement of technology, not only can catalogues be updated throughout the year, but there are also evolving number of ways to market products in online spaces.

Here at RPI, we are always constantly testing and developing features and designs for catalogues. Besides the classic gridded displays and search functions, our dedicated and experienced team has developed various features to optimise accessibility and for a smoother user experience.

Key features

Advanced search priority function

A search function that produces matches and results regardless of the complexity of the filters applied or key words used.

Smart search results display

Prioritising certain results depending on the filters to ensure that users find their desire products quickly and easily, boosting sales and productivity.

Screen size optimisation

No matter the device you’re using, you can view and easily navigate the catalogue. Proudly showcase your brand and catalogue wherever and whenever.

Product categorisation system

Admin adds categories, sub-categories and even sub-sub-categories which would be automatically reflected under the “add/edit product” pages.

Users can then filter in detail their preferences and efficiently discover their desired products.

Powerful in-house translation feature, Lingo

Customise all these features not only with your brand colours but also by representing your clientele’s diversity. Languages we’ve worked with include Mandarin, French, Spanish, Bengali and many more!

Map integration features

Added another dimension to catalogue displays with map views. More information and even payment gateways can also be embedded into the map.

Featured Projects

CDL Homes

Industry: Real Estate

Solution: Website

Location: Singapore


CDL is an established leader in Singapore’s real estate industry, having transformed Singapore’s built environment and consistently received recognition and accolades for its outstanding green buildings. For over 55 years, CDL has developed over 47 000 homes and owns over 23 million square feet of gross floor area in residential, commercial and hospitality assets globally.

RPI has developed a functional and aesthetic catalogue that is scalable for CDL’s growing portfolio.

Map integrations

View properties in map view for a clearer understanding of location and surroundings.

Language features and property display image applies in map as well.


All website features available in English and Mandarin.

Banner management

Display the new launches and exciting events.

Catalogue display

View properties in both grid and map view.

Clicking on the property leads to property’s microsite.

Microsite integration

The site is integrated with each property’s microsite that opens in a new tab.

Product categorisation

Property can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each property profile.

Filter products by type, country and category.

Bell Flavours and Fragrances

Industry: Fragrances

Solution: Custom Application/ Specific Portal

Location: Global


Bell Flavours and Fragrances is a global manufacturer of flavours, botanicals and ingredients. The Fragrance Library is an advanced search system with sophisticated category management of company’s extensive catalogue, which is accessible by both clients and staff.

RPI has conceptualised and developed both the original and revamped Fragrance Libraries which are easily accessible on a browser on any device. The Library is accessible only by registered users who are approved by the admin.

Smart search function

Based on filters applied and search key words, system would prioritise displaying products with matching primary uses before those with matching secondary primary uses.

Product categorisation

Product can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each product profile.

Categorisation will be displayed as filter options in frontend.

Banner management

For announcements and updates of new products and much more !

Catalogue display

Pop-out window displaying more product details when product is clicked on.

Applied filters and search key words are still in place after exiting pop-out window.


Industry: Grocery

Solution: Website & Mobile Application

Location: Dubai, UAE


BiOrganic is the only destination in Dubai, which offers nature’s finest produce and groceries at an affordable price, with a superior service, in an environment that ensures the organic integrity of the products’ retailed. They offer a wide range of organic products and brands, some of which are exclusive to BiOrganic.

We have conceptualised and developed both a brand website and mobile app, both of which serves the same purpose of making it easy for users to shop for organic goods from the comfort of their homes.


Catalogue display

Hover over each product and choose to view product details or quickly add item to cart.

Click on product to view product details as well as related products.

User profile

View order history and order status.

View, add and edit delivery addresses.

Shopping cart

Total cost of shopping cart appears at top right corner and updates automatically as more products are added.

Payment gateway

Scheduler integrated for choosing day and time for delivery.

Product categorisation

Besides the produce categories, there is also a “new arrivals section”.

Easy navigation between product categories with navigation journey display.

Product can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each product profile.

Related products are generated based on this categorisation.

Mobile App

User profile

View order ID, history and order status.

Payment gateway

Scheduler integrated for choosing day and time for delivery.

Toggle quantity of product as well as option to clear cart.

Product categorisation

Choose to browse all products or apply filters to browse by produce category.

Notification system