Map Integration

About this Solution

Available on: Websites, Custom Applications, Mobile Applications

Great for: Retail and Commerce, Real Estate, Food and Restaurant


Maps are an incredibly powerful feature to showcase your business! Give clients a fresh perspective of your brand with a map view of your brand’s catalogue and reach. Besides that, take advantage of the versatility of our developed maps and customise and integrated features that will best suit your platform’s needs.

Key features

Map and gridded catalogue displays

Customise the map layouts, highlights and drop pins that best suits your brand. For the optimum user experience, our map integration allows users to switch seamlessly between “map” and “grid” or “list” views in your catalogue.

Customisable layouts

Bring visibility to your brand’s global presence by showcasing not only your catalogue but also your local and global offices! Besides customisation, include branch details, contact information and website link.

Integration of payment gateways and many other features

Hover over or click on the dropped pins to display more product information, lead user to a payment gateway or another page.

Available in multiple languages

Add a personal touch to the map integrations with RPI’s translation function, which is supported on the maps. With our team’s past experience in building platforms in Spanish, French, Bengali, Chinese and many more, we are confident in our abilities to meet your business’ language needs.

Featured Projects

Bio Tout Court

Industry: Grocery

Solution: Custom Application

Location: France


Bio Tout Court is a platform that hopes to help more farmers with organic produce by sourcing for commercial opportunities and facilitating orders.

Our team has conceptualised and developed an innovative and efficient platform for providing the freshest produce to customers.

The highlight feature would be the integrated map that allows users to easily browse all participating producers and their pickup locations and timing. Customers can then easily proceed to choose produce and make their orders. Producers benefit as well as they can pre-plan and pack according to the location’s customer base, thus saving on resources and logistics.

Map integration

Zoom in and out on the map and the search results update accordingly to reflect producers within proximity.

Filtered search function

Narrow down search results by product category and/or producers.

Payment gateway

Option to save card for future orders.

Button to modify product selection just before payment; no need to click “back” and lose orders.

User profile

User can view their orders, order history, past purchases (sorted by date or contract), their monthly total spending on the platform, and download a monthly statement.

User can also withdraw orders and check withdrawal status.


Industry: Cleaning Supplies

Solution: Website

Location: Singapore


RydAir is a manufacturer of electrostatic air cleaners and precipitators for industrial and commercial applications with operations in 28 countries. Their past clients include Marina Bay Sands and Sydney University.

RPI had been involved in the whole website development process, including conceptualisation, branding and content positioning. The website not only showcases their range of products, but also highlights RydAir’s global presence with the website-wide multi-lingual features and a colour-coded map of the dealers worldwide.

Map integration

Displaying all of RydAir’s dealers globally.

Hover over each pin to view dealer contact information and website link.


All features available in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Product categorisation

Product can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each product profile.

Filter by four product categories.

Catalogue display

Tabbed view displaying different models of product.

Point-form of product features

Button that downloads product’s PDF brochure

Button that leads to another page on website that provides in-depth explanation of product’s application with YouTube video integration.

CDL Homes

Industry: Real Estate

Solution: Website

Location: Singapore


CDL is an established leader in Singapore’s real estate industry, having transformed Singapore’s built environment and consistently received recognition and accolades for its outstanding green buildings. For over 55 years, CDL has developed over 47 000 homes and owns over 23 million square feet of gross floor area in residential, commercial and hospitality assets globally.

RPI has developed a functional and aesthetic catalogue that is scalable for CDL’s growing portfolio.

Map integration

View properties in map view for a clearer understanding of location and surroundings.

Language features and property display image applies in map as well.


All website features available in English and Mandarin.

Banner management

Display the new launches and exciting events.

Catalogue display

View properties in both grid and map view.

Clicking on the property leads to property’s microsite.

Microsite integration

The site is integrated with each property’s microsite that opens in a new tab.

Product categorisation

Property can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each property profile.

Filter products by type, country and category.