Online Warranty System: Hamilton

Online warranty system: Hamilton

A global brand for strollers, Hamilton, employs an online warranty system that RPI has helped to engineer and customize to track the movement of their strollers around the world via its retailers. The Online Warranty System helps Hamilton customers to validate the authenticity of their strollers with a system generated serial numbers. This also allows Hamilton to monitor the sales of their strollers by country level. On marketing side, they are able to consolidate the data by country and provide targeted messaging for various audience.

A powerful CRM system goes beyond than just a database consolidator, it can be morphed into a multifunctional system that is beneficial to both users.

Key features

The Hamilton Warranty System was developed to allow its brand principal to manage its stroller data and customers data to be sorted around the world while providing its country distributors limited access to its related country data for marketing analytics.
Multiple User Management
Country Management
Serial Number Audit Checking
Serial Number Management
Customer Data Management
Warranty Registration Management

RPI involvement & technology Support

RPI Group is involved in the concept planning, strategy and development process of setting up and development of Hamilton Online Warranty System. Based on the country based requirements and movement of its strollers from manufacturing plant to distribution worldwide, RPI Group has helped to develop a platform that helps to consolidate all these information on a single system that can help in tracking and understand its customer base.

These powerful information help to identify its key customer demographics, performing country distributors so as to formulate a well-targeted and planned marketing strategy to enhance various areas.