Product Search Function

About this Solution

Available on: Websites, Custom applications, Mobile applications

Great for: Retail and commerce, Real estate, Food and restaurants


All business owners only want the best in their product catalogues in order to build a premium brand impression. Look no further for an advanced and intelligent search function to integrate into your catalogue displays, making it easy for customers to quickly and efficiently look up their desired products. User-friendly, efficient and elegant, RPI’s product search function is a must-have in e-catalogues.

Key features

Product categorisation system

RPI’s development also accounts for your growing business needs. The backend system is scalable to your growing catalogue – add a variety of sub-categories and even sub-sub-categories to increase search effectiveness on the frontend. The system is reactive and would immediately reflect the new categories under existing products and filter choices.

Smart display of search results

Ensuring that clients find their desired products quickly and easily, no matter the complexity of the filters applied, or key words searched.

Screen size optimisation

To further enhance user experience, our search mechanism allows for a popup display and return to main page that is not only screen-size-optimised, but also retains the applied filters and search results.

Featured Project

Bell Flavours & Fragrances

Industry: Fragrances

Solution: Custom Application/ Specific Portal

Location: Global


Bell Flavours and Fragrances is a global manufacturer of flavours, botanicals and ingredients. The Fragrance Library is an advanced search system with sophisticated category management of company’s extensive catalogue, which is accessible by both clients and staff.

RPI has conceptualised and developed both the original and revamped Fragrance Libraries which are easily accessible on a browser on any device. The Library is accessible only by registered users who are approved by the admin.

Smart search function

Based on filters applied and search key words, system would prioritise displaying products with matching primary uses before those with matching secondary primary uses.

Product categorisation

Product can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each product profile.

Categorisation will be displayed as filter options in frontend.

Banner management

For announcements and updates of new products and much more!

Catalogue display

Pop-out window displaying more product details when product is clicked on.

Applied filters and search key words are still in place after exiting pop-out window.