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Available on: Mobile Applications, Custom Applications, Websites

Great for: Services, Medical, Real Estate, Consultancy, Sports and Fitness, Tourism


RPI has put in a lot of thought into the development of our appointment and booking systems. Besides the usual calendar and database management system, we have integrated a variety of features to support businesses’ main functions, including QR code verifications and schedulers-by-location.

Discover a customisable appointment system that best suits your business’ needs with RPI today!

Key features

Geo-location proximity matching

With a ruled based system and a geo-location proximity matching component, easily and quickly discover providers in the area and their earliest available appointment slot, and make your appointment!

Scalable geo-location circles

With this feature, customers can expand the search perimeter for a provider that best suits their needs and urgency.

2-in-1 QR verification

During the appointment, use RPI’s in-built QR code generation and processing can be used for provider’s identity verification and secure payment.

Easy scheduling

Should a follow-up be required, the provider simply has to key in details and cost and the customer would receive an email notification and payment request.

Service audit & warranty PDF generator
Payment gateway integration

Featured Projects


Industry: Services (Home Fixes)

Solution: Mobile Application

Location: Singapore


Need to quickly fix something at home? iimafix is the go-to service app that saves users the hassle of searching for available service providers in the area.

Innovative and smart, iimafix keeps tabs on all service providers’ jobs, job status as well as their locations to assign customers with an the closest available service provider in the shortest time possible.

All customers need to do is submit a service request on the website and the system would do the rest of the searching and appointments!

Service providers can cut time arranging appointment slots and calculating travel time as the system would do it for them based on their location and appointments they have been assigned and accepted in the app

RPI was involved in the entire process, from initial conceptualisation to development of the iimafix website and app.

Smart geo-proximity circles

Locate nearby providers that match with user’s needs.

Secured transactions via QR codes

Secured transactions occur only when system generated unique QR code is scanned, matched, and verified.


Follow-ups can be easily scheduled on the app by provider; verification and cost is emailed to the client.

QR code generation

System generates QR codes that are unique to the customer which the service provider scans to match for verification.

Generation of warranty and service audit

Mountainside Fitness

Industry: Sports and Fitness

Solution: Custom Application/ Specific Portal

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US


Mountainside Fitness is a locally owned chain of high end health clubs with locations in every corner of the Phoenix valley. Beginning in 1991, Mountainside has since grown into a fitness empire with eighteen locations and over 100,000 satisfied members.

The website is more marketing-focused, wherein it displays Mountainside Fitness’ amenities and classes. The app is for members who want to book and mark attendance for classes, as well as to set and track fitness goals.


Hover over classes to find out more.

Filter classes by location, type and instructor.

Payment solutions

Memberships are based on location, membership type and membership term.

System calculates and displays how much is due today and subsequently, depending on membership type and term.

Recurring payment feature.

User and access management

Certain features on the website, as such viewing of home workouts are only accessible by members’ barcode.

Vedettes de Paris

Industry: Tourism

Solution: Website

Location: Paris, France


Since 1976, the Stars of Paris offers quality cruises to discover Paris and the Seine on traditional, comfortable and user-friendly boats. They offer a variety of cruises from school tours to family rides and happy hour promotions.

View their range of cruises, available timings, tour details and costs before proceeding with the booking, all on the same platform!


View timetables by cruise and day.


All features from browsing cruises to payment gateway available in English and French.

Catalogue display

Side bar with quick information on the features of the cruise.

View also available catering with option to proceed with booking, strengths of the cruise as well as cruise route.

Product categorisation

Filter through guided cruises, cruises for younger audiences or by theme.

Cruises can be easily categorised in backend by creating category options and simply toggling from a dropdown bar under each cruise profile.

Banner management

Display the announcements, special offers and exciting events.