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RPI Group believes that the education landscape should evolve to match the technology of today to better equip today’s learners. Make your curriculum come alive within classrooms with our ready XperienceAR e-learning system(Customised AR e-learning in Singapore). Tailor the students’ user experience by personalizing the content based on your curriculum to create an exciting and immersive learning experience. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the potential of Customised AR e-learning in Singapore.

A Holistic Approach At Learning

Personalised Learning

Efficient, effective and customized learning to engage each student. Our customized learning material and interactive tools ensure that each student enjoys and active learning experience.

Smart Learning Measurement:

Measures student, section and grade learning performance. Identifies the learning gaps among students, helps to take effective remedial measures for improving students.

Engaging and Rewarding

Learning tools help to make learning engaging and interactive for students to bring lessons to life within the classroom. Students can track their learning progress to see how well they have progressed.

RPI ARtech Learning

XperienceAR’s Learning Measurement System (LMS), a Customised AR e-learning in Singapore, specially crafted for middle-school students, it accurately measures the learning and the learning gaps of students by using the latest in AI technology. XperienceAR LMS promotes independent learning while maintaining continuity from school to home. Students can access learning modules mapped to their curriculum at home, while at the same time, guardians and teachers can follow and measure the student’s performance. We provide a variety of engaging AR modules specially designed to meet the individual needs of learners in Customised AR e-learning in Singapore. XperienceAR LMS is a one-platform solution for all stakeholders – Students, Teachers and Parents.

Adaptive Learning Management System

Actionable Insights

Take better decisions with the insights that show the areas that need attention.

Progress Tracker

Anchor students’ performance in the right direction by tracking their progress anytime anywhere.

Interactive Infographics

Engaging visual representation of concepts to make them easy to grasp.

Real Time Reports

Facilitate instant improvement with the help of real-time performance reports.

Personalised learning experience through clear, concise and engaging content. RPI ARtech LMS appreciates the varying needs of each unique child and rewards learning.

Guardians can track student performance with detailed reports and regular updates. It allows parents to become active contributors to the learning of the child.

Helps to measure class, and individual student performance. Reports on learning gaps of students help teachers to plan teaching methods accordingly.

Monitor and evaluate the academic achievements of each class and encourage effective teaching methods by implementing the best practices across the sections.

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