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At RPI Group, we are fueled by new technology discoveries that allow us to design and develop new technology tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) products and services. We believe that visual presentations are becoming for immersive and interactive to captivate audiences. Enjoy building Augmented Reality apps, products and even services with our 3D models, textures and animations to create realistic quality while giving effective augmentation result.

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A little augmented magic goes a long way in improving your work. Provide virtual hands-on experience on just a phone and many virtual surprises would come along the way whenever your user scans your product. With Augmented Reality, you can relay more information, provide hidden contents and give additional value to your products and services. We offer our Augmented Reality service, whether through our platform or a custom app, to help you simplify complex information delivery, excite and engage your target audience with a new experience.

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